I love colour and texture and I challenge myself to find new ways to include this in my work.
Growing up in a country town surrounded by farmland and my world travels have had a huge influence on my work.
Over the years I have attended many workshops and short courses, enjoying the company of like-minded people and learning many tricks and techniques which have made my work rather eclectic.
I have recently been concentrating on Australian Landscape with acrylic and mixed media.
I now live in Dolphin Point on the South Coast of NSW and am loving being involved with art in this community.
As the landscape is totally different I have seen my palette change to include the seascapes, but still love the bush.

I spend many hours walking the many trails around the area, but can’t wait to get back and take my inspiration and often plein air sketches, back to the studio. It is here I feel so lucky to be able to spend time doing what I love.

I teach workshops around the country and enjoy nothing more than passing on everything I’ve learnt through the many workshops I have attended over the years.

My work involves collage hidden amongst layers of acrylic and mixed media. I love colour, texture and loose line.

I liken my process to dancing with the paintbrush. When you’re in the zone the brush takes the lead.